Get Started with Reality Check


Getting Started

  1. Sign the Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement.

    pdf download (22kb)

  2. Download our Toolkit...It's the best place to start!

    Reality Check Toolkit

    PDF Download (pdf, 1.3MB)

  3. Share the Reality Check Frequently Asked Questions document with your Board and credit union staff.

    PDF Download (pdf, 246kb)

Report Your Efforts

  1. Collect your results and report quarterly to your League.

    Information on reporting

    A printable template of the loan survey is available here.

    pdf download
  2. Excel Spreadsheet (Handy Resource for Small Credit Unions in Tracking Your Small Loans)

    Excel Download

Marketing Tools

For your convenience, the Virginia Credit Union League created predesigned marketing materials
that your credit union may use for marketing the Credit Builder Loan and Smart Size Loan.
The following marketing items are available to download:

  1. Product Logos
    (PDF, EPS, JPG and PNG formats)

    reality check logo
    Reality Check Logo (PDF | JPG | PNG | EPS)

    smart size loan logo
    Smart Size Loan Logo (PDF | JPG | PNG | EPS)

    credit builder logo
    Credit Builder Logo (PDF | JPG | PNG | EPS)

  2. Overview Brochure


    pdf download

  3. Posters/Flyers in (PDF format)

    promo letter sized

    pdf download (Teller Mat 8.5x11)
    pdf download (Poster 22x28)

  4. Statement Insert (PDF format)
  5. Website Banners
  6. Newsletter Articles
  7. Social Media Tips
  8. On-hold Messaging

Operational Tools

While most credit unions probably won't need to make any changes to their operations to participate in this project, some may want to consider evaluating whether some changes could enhance their program and enable the credit union to reach more members and potential members through their micro-loan products.

For example, many Virginians who are living at the margin and struggling to make ends meet may not be familiar with what a credit union is, or may think it's just a bank. Somehow your credit union needs to convey why it is different from a bank and that the person will be treated with respect and care.

Our Toolkit provides guidance and tools to help with operational issues. Download it below.

Reality Check Toolkit

PDF Download (pdf, 1.3MB)